Trusts are one of the most widely used structures for conducting business and the maintenance of them are impeccable especially in regards to tax obligations and potential misuse. A trust is a structure that allows an entity to hold an asset for the benefit of others. The entity that controls the asset(s) is a ‘trustee’ and the beneficiaries are those that receive the gains. Shares, businesses and property are common forms of assets that are held in trusts. The “settlor” is the person in the trust that sets out the specific rules as to how these assets are to be managed in documentation known as the “trust deed”

Focus Taxation is dedicated to providing you services related to Trusts, including but not limited to:

  • Trust set-up
  • Preparation of monthly and/or quarterly IAS
  • Preparation of monthly and/or quarterly BAS
  • Annual Tax preparation for Trusts
  • GST/PAYG Consulting
  • Fringe benefits tax
  • Taxation planning