Self-managed super funds (SMSFs)

There are many benefits on the superannuation investment especially on the Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) which may provide you with the control and independence you are seeking.
Focus Taxation has an extensive expirtise in the policy and legislation regarding superannuation and is qualified in providing you with the right fund. We match the fund to your current circumstance, future goals and knowledge of the operation of funds all to ensure you maximise for retirement.

F and F Accounting Services is committed to empower you to self manage your Super with SMSF setup. This cost-effective approach allows you to take control of your own Superannuation. SMSF allows the trustee to have total control over the SMSF assets, this means you will have the power to make all decisions regarding to your own assets. And in the unfortunate event of bankruptcy, these assets are generally protected from creditors. With SMSF, you will also enjoy the low tax rate at 15%; it is one of the lowest rates of any super fund in Australia. Furthermore SMSF can give you the ability to transfer listed shares and many other investments held in your own name into the super fund. SMSF can have up to 4 members and offer you greater flexibility with your investment choices and provide maximum flexibility in relation to the use of pension income streams. Self managed super funds have the opportunity to borrow or gear an investment, via limited recourse borrowing arrangements, provided the asset is allowed under the rules of the SISA Act and much more.

Starting an SMSF is a vital decision as there are complicated rules that govern the way you can use an SMSF and invest your money including annual reporting obligations. As your appointed registered accountant we can help you to set up an SMSF and advise you on the establishment, operation, structuring and valuation of an SMSF.

Our comprehensive SMSF services include:

SMSF set-up

 Processing transactions through the fund’s bank account

Preparation of annual financial statements

Preparation of annual member statements

Preparation of trustee minutes

Preparation and lodgment of the income tax and regulatory return

Reparation and lodgment of BAS

Arranging for pension payments to be made on a regular basis

Preparation and lodgment of annual PAYG Payment Summary Statement and PAYG Payment Summaries fo  funds    with pensions

Facilitating actuarial certification when required

Registration for GST or PAYG with the Australian Taxation Office

Winding up an existing fund